Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They won the battle…

I saw the soil getting drenched by rain
I felt the rain drops trickling down my face
Was it the rains that I was enjoying?
Or was it the pain that I was disguising

Days turned into months, months will turn into a year
But when will I let go this fear?!
The fear of being alone, the fear of that pain once more
The fear that never goes, the fear that only grows!

Had never thought I’ll miss someone so much
Had never thought I’ll have to think so much
Being happy requires a lot of endeavor
A fake smile was the result of that struggle

Every new day starts with a resolution
A resolution to smile with full determination!
He gave me strength in thousand ways
He gave me courage to face the day
He gave me all this even being away
I am only left to say “why did you go away”?!

My life seems to be a vicious circle
Where sadness comes back winning the battle
Tears are what I now cherish,
Coz they bring back memories I can still cherish

Yes you won, you won the battle
Pain is what you gave me as a present
There I sit at the corner of my bed
Watching the rain and feeling the pain.
My days passed by giving me a wicked smile
They won the battle by snatching my smile!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Silver lining...

I was passing by a mirror saw someone on that glass
It took time for me to recognize who it was
I stared for a while, I was shocked and cried
It was me out there, eyes so red and face benumbed

I spoke to myself, mirror being the medium
Asked about my lost spirit and that long lost smile
Is this what I deserve or am I really so evil
Why this punishment, why so many days of anguish?!

Bottling things inside was the mistake I was doing
He brought them outside, the pain I was holding
The mirror was changing, the tears were vanishing
I could recognize the face that sadness was hiding!

At least I realized I can smile, at last I realized I should smile!
Pain won’t go away that easily; I can’t forget things that easily
But at least my mirror says am changing, am sharing am smiling
See, my clouds of pain now, they too have a silver lining!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

“Good” night...

Sitting by the window, staring at stars
I wondered why the night seems so long
I wished everyone “good night”
But why was “good” missing from my night?!
I waited for a new day with baited breath
But sadly that too had a night to end.

Missing someone had become my habit
But wishing for his presence was certainly a bad habit!
I faked that am happy, I faked that am enjoying
I faked my behavior when the sun was shinning
Up came the stars, the sun couldn’t shine anymore
So was the truth that I can’t fake anymore.

Want to smile even on a silent night
Want that hug nice and tight
Will dream about me, will dream about us
Will dream about those lovely times to come
Can just wish for all these to come true
Can just wish for that smile, not fake but true!

That good night hug, that good night kiss
That “good” night is what I still just miss.
I know this will happen, I know it’ll be true
Till then my friends “good” night is only for you!