Friday, September 18, 2009

“If we are all alone, we are all together in that too!”

Hey..long time no see huh?!! I know u are telling me this :) Yes not giving any reasons for suddenly disappearing. My bad and totally on me!
Had an interesting day which compelled me to blog. Interesting in many ways! Had an interesting discussion with someone I look up to and I wish many more such discussions to happen.
Day ending by watching “P.S. I love you”. I have read the novel twice and tried watching the movie. But the movie never matches the novel so always ditched the movie halfway. Today being a Friday night and me not having much to do I got somehow hooked to it. You know what my conclusion is – “Forget the book and try watching the movie as a new story altogether and am sure you will love it”.
I was wondering why I simply adore the book. I generally don’t like mushy movies or very mushy stories and this is the only romantic novel I can claim to have read. But today I realize why I like this. I like this because it tells that love is not about just one person in your life. There is love in every person’s life in many different forms and that love will never die. Be it for any reason a person associated with that love goes away, someone else will definitely fit into that. We humans are bound to feel love and bound to make love felt!

I think I wrote enough today :)
“Don’t be afraid to fall in love again,
P.S. I Love You!”

Friday, July 10, 2009

I wont feel blue...

Super trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I wont feel blue
Like I always do
cause somewhere in the crowd theres you


Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Promise-Our love

My happiness was unbounded, my smile persistent
Your touch was a streak of lightening,
Its shiver was just everlasting!
I got a gift from god, I got a blessing I sought
You my gift so enchanting,
You were everything I was ever wanting.

You made my days brighter
You made my dreams clearer
You made me fly higher
You, my love, my angle forever

I wait for the day, I dream for the night
I seem to be on my fairy ride
A promise I make today with pride
Am sure that I'll love you for my life!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A prayer so true...

I wait for a new day to come,

I smile when I face the sun

My day passes by without a grudge

The night follows by with a sweet hug

Counting days to be in those arms

But smiling away as every moment pass

You my shadow, my mighty succor

Don't let tough time take away the shimmer

Have faith, have trust, have hope in every weather

Even our prayers will come true as GOD is every where!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Buhhhdddayyyy Blog!!!!!

I just realised that I have completed 1yr of blogging!!! So Happy B'day my blog.. I love you loads!!! ;) hehehe...

These are the times when you realise that how fast time can fly!!! Even for me the year went through a lot of crests and troughs but at least am happy with the discovery of a poet in me!! :D Now when I visit my blog or read my poems, I feel elated that yes I know how to express! Nothing can be more wonderful than that :)

But today I want to dedicate this post to the person who inspired me to start writing a blog. I know he will be reading this and will just pass a smile :) But I just what to say 'Thanks' for this wonderful inspiration!!!

Everything has to have a darker side, a period of pain and agony.But when you come out of it you start hating the person less and look at the brighter side :) So this small poem goes to the person who made me realise how important it is to take decisions (my 1st Blog :D) and decisions which would make you 'happy'....

You gifted me a smile, you gifted me decisions
You made me realize the meaning of happiness
You took all away, you made my days somber
But I now realize that it made me stronger

Life is not about regretting,
Life is all about moving
Life is what I am now leading!

So, just a simple ‘Thanks’, just a simple ‘Smile’
Just a simple walk down the memory line.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A desert called ‘confusions’…

I stopped, I looked behind
I always felt I was being called
The moment I waited, to hear that again
The moment I wanted, never came again

I was content, more than I wanted
But there was something which made me unwanted
Love I breathed, care I felt
And also a pile of memories which I dreamt

Togetherness made every day glimmer
Distance always took away the shimmer
I sat bemused again by that window
My emotions were petrified and I felt all hollow

Do I always have to express my wants?
Do I always have to wait for that love?
Do I always have to feel the emotions?
Why me always in a desert called ‘confusions’?!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No excuse for being Philanthropist...

Just saw the movie Seven Pounds, though I have never written about any movie or my likes/dislikes. But this movie compelled me to write at least something. At this moment am feeling all choked, choked with emotions, loaded with thoughts, piled with loads of memories flashing in my mind. I don’t know where to start and how to express but just one thing- “Love people, help people, care for people who matter”.

We all have read at thousand occasions “life is short, be happy” but how much do we keep that in mind when we are actually going through a bad time? We don’t. How often do we remember being good to others? How correct do we find being empathetic at almost all situations? How hard do we find to be nice to someone who wasn’t that nice to us? Made you rethink and ponder on the questions ;)

The best part I liked about the movie was the importance of “realization”. Being in a material world, the importance of feelings, emotions, love, care everything becomes a second priority. Not our fault completely! But what is amiss is the factor - realization. It has become very easy for us to say “I forgot, am sorry”, “please understand, it wasn’t possible” and many such one liners which have become predominant in our vocabulary.
Is it that hard to be kind? NO. Is it that hard to express love? NO. Is it that hard to start your pursuit of happiness? Again a BIG NO!
Still thinking about what you just read and the questions that were asked? Don’t! Just stop and start living a life full of kindness, love, care and a bag full of happiness! :))

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our love - My Words…

Like flutter of butterfly wings
Like the bud of a rose, so pink
Like the dew on a green leaf
Our love is that serene

Like the smile of a sleeping child
Like the hug of a long lost friend
Like the touch of a mother’s hand
Our love is that pristine

Like the walk on an empty beach
Like the rains on a land, so brown
Like the sunset on the top of a hill
Our love is that exquisite

Like my every word, every sentence
Like my every poem that has shown existence
Like my every emotion, every action
Our love is everything that I can ever mention!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happily ever after

The gift wrapped in love
Destiny blessed it to come
Ecstasy got a new meaning
In the dictionary I was living

My happiness he searched
But missed my eyes in that hunt
Tell me how better, can I show my love..

Happiness, love, dreams and hope
Came back with a rouge
You added these vanished words,
You made my world glow.

I want you to know
'You' made 'us' happen
You made our unending story to begun
It’s all about 'us', its all about love
It’s the only story to have- "happily ever after" :)