Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our love - My Words…

Like flutter of butterfly wings
Like the bud of a rose, so pink
Like the dew on a green leaf
Our love is that serene

Like the smile of a sleeping child
Like the hug of a long lost friend
Like the touch of a mother’s hand
Our love is that pristine

Like the walk on an empty beach
Like the rains on a land, so brown
Like the sunset on the top of a hill
Our love is that exquisite

Like my every word, every sentence
Like my every poem that has shown existence
Like my every emotion, every action
Our love is everything that I can ever mention!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happily ever after

The gift wrapped in love
Destiny blessed it to come
Ecstasy got a new meaning
In the dictionary I was living

My happiness he searched
But missed my eyes in that hunt
Tell me how better, can I show my love..

Happiness, love, dreams and hope
Came back with a rouge
You added these vanished words,
You made my world glow.

I want you to know
'You' made 'us' happen
You made our unending story to begun
It’s all about 'us', its all about love
It’s the only story to have- "happily ever after" :)