Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing You...

As I face the winds, standing by the road
A sudden chill fills me from within
It was a thought I was trying to disguise
Just wished it never came alive
I tried to nudge it away,
But it came up with a will “never to go away
Missing you” is what my heart was saying
But accepting that was not what I was doing.

Dominance over my thoughts was my skill
But why was this thought not in my list?!
I felt abashed I felt senile
I suddenly realized I lost my “smile”!
I loved sunshine I loved the rains
But why are now only clouds of pain?

I realized my indiscretion, my mistake to abstain
I’ll not make this thought my weakness
I’ll not let it steal the seasons
I’ll make it my strength, my reason to pursuit
Coz I am not far from you and the thought tells it all
Sunshine will graze me and so will rains
Missing you” will stay but will abandon the pain!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fell short of 24hrs…..

Don’t you sometimes feel that time is running away?! I always fall short of these 24 hours. Always wish I had a few extra hours to do “other” things. And strangely enough this list of “other things” seems never ending! I daily make a “to do” list, but even after finishing those few top priority things the list just keeps growing! I wish I had more time to write, I wish I had more time to just relax and listen to music, I wish I had time to cook, but don’t know when this “wish list” will get fulfilled.
We generally get to read about time management in various books, news articles, movies, so on and so forth, but does that actually help us in managing our time? For me the answer is a big NO! I always have numerous things on my mind and a numerous things on paper but I actually end up completing only those tasks which have a timeline associated with them. Yes here am referring to our mammoth office task. And then we end up complaining that our routine is so monotonous!
Not done, not done at all! Why can’t we just take out a few hours for our own self?! We definitely can but we tend to hold that in a lower priority and keep curbing our wish list and keep cribbing that “I am NOT happy”.

So, why not include our wish list in our priority?! If not the entire list at least we can take a few. Right?! So, just don’t bridle, give time to what makes YOU happy. Come out of that negative loop and just “BE HAPPY”, and yes you have to be a little selfish and think about your own self! :-)

Time was ticking, I was wishing
Wishing it to stop, or get my wish list short
Wanted to do so much but always thought how much
Gave transcendence to my wishes
But didn’t overpass my commitments
Feeling happy is our right,
Just don’t get it out of sight
“24Hours” will never change, but your demeanor can
So why not bring that change
And say “24 hours-here I AM”!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cloud Number 9

No no you guessed it wrong! I am not going to paste Bryan Adam’s lyrics here. :-) Just wanted you to think, have you ever experienced to be on “cloud no 9”? I definitely have!
Being in love is one such instance when you tend to feel you are on “cloud no 9”. So, for me too that was the same! You suddenly feel the entire world loves you, you feel you are the princess, you feel that nothing can be better than this! You just feel ecstatic! Everything around you seems musical and you are just “HAPPY”.

I saw into his eyes, found love and faith
Never thought about “what next”
I wanted to love and got the same
Was on “cloud 9”, and that was the best!
Couldn’t just stop smiling, couldn’t stop being happy
Couldn’t stop saying, I was just lucky!
Whether he with me, or far away
I just love this feeling and always want it to stay!
I love him for what he is; I love him for his love
I love him for showing me sunshine
And that’s what I could have asked for! :-)

I have moved on....

How often have you heard this phrase? I bet the answer will be “many”! We hear this every time we pass through a difficult situation, and we actually “get over” it. But won’t you agree when I say that getting over is really very TOUGH!
Have we ever thought why the hell do we need to “get over”?! And why the hell such a situation came?! Dear friend you are yourself the reason why you faced such a situation! J Everything has a consequence and we don’t always think about this when we act or decide. So, if we have done that we ought to face a situation of “getting over”. But then again, we never decide and go through those days of agony, and moreover who wants to go through them!?
I too have faced such situations but I always had a very good friendship with “smile” :-)
Life just goes on for everyone and so it will go on for you too! You faced a situation of dejection because something which held importance in your life is no longer there. But, why do we forget that now something else will take that place. The position of “special” is never empty in our life. It definitely gets filled and the days between them are the days of “melancholy”. So accept that and just “MOVE ON”.

The days of somber never seemed to end,
How hard I wished - “my friend ‘smile’ come back”
I thought its all over I was loosing my strength
But then ‘smile’ came back with a bag full of his friends
Getting over seems formidable
But after getting over we say it was amenable.
So, just smile and celebrate this “euphoria”
And say those wearisome days - “see I have MOVED ON”!


For me probably this is the most important aspect of well being. I just love to smile and see people around me smile. My love for this “curve” is so much that I even take out printout of nice smiley and put it up on my desk. Might sound weird but even seeing a smiley printout keeps me going. :-)
You generally smile when you are happy but I don’t think so that a smile should be restricted there. Don’t you feel good when an acquaintance just passes a smile when you pass by him/her? Yes you do!
Smile to the waiter who is serving you, smile to the liftman, smile to the security guard in your building, you won’t even realize but you actually made somebody feel good in those few seconds! In your busy and monotonous life you just tend to forget that you don’t actually need a reason to smile. Smile is actually a sunshine whose rays will definitely brighten those few seconds of somebody’s life.

“Smile without a reason, smile for other people
Smile to make yourself feel better, smile to make you go getter” :-)


A simple word but of immense importance. You'll just not realize that unless you have faced a situation to "DECIDE". For me I was always a strong individual and yes very strong on decisions about myself.... unless one day I realized I was NOT! We need to do the right things at the right time or else "CONFUSION" comes into the scene. Have you ever realized how much these two words are coherent? And if you prolong both of them you'll find another new mate "TROUBLE" and its synonyms of course. And if you are thinking that this will end here, you are WRONG! Just two mates??! Nah.... How can "ANGUISH" leave you alone???... :-)

I’ll show you the other side of the story... where the right “Decision” was made at the right time. And the mate you get is “EUPHORIA”.

As they say “It’s never too late”. It’s actually NEVER. But why to miss out the days of euphoria?! You are never alone as an individual, so your decisions will also not just affect you. So, when people say you were selfish when you made that decision, they are not always wrong. How can you just rule out how the consequences of your decisions will affect the ones who care about you? Don’t you care about them? If yes then why can’t you be empathetic towards them? “Empathy” – nice word but difficult to understand unless you are in the other person’s shoes. A very special person made me realize how important this word is.

“A decision I made, a loss I faced
Why didn’t I understand, it’s his smile that I wait.
Lack of empathy, lot of muddle
Is that why I lost that cuddle?!
Things can’t change, even if I want
At least he is smiling, and that’s what I want.
Sunshine will come and give me solace
As they say “this too shall pass”. :-)