Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Every time I passed some footwear shop, I just couldn’t resist myself praising at least one of the many displayed. And then suddenly I had a thought of buying one of them! Initially the thought was bleak but slowly I found that it was winning over me! I went inside the shop tried the pair, and obviously found them to be perfect. But then my conscious started questioning me- “Do you actually need them?” Even I wondered whether I actually needed them. But that strong desire of acquiring footwear over passed my practical thoughts.
I spent some more time thinking about whether “I should” or “I should not”. And slowly I found “I should” was winning over its counterpart! No prizes for guessing the end “Yes, I bought yet ANOTHER pair”. :-)

Whenever my boyfriend or my roomies used to tell that I have just too many pairs of footwear, I used to just brush them off saying that this is just a normal count and generally all girls have bountiful footwear. But then one day I lost almost all of them! That’s another story how, which I’ll tell you later. But yes I was just left with four pairs! The thought just didn’t seem to sink in! I started counting the pairs which were no longer with me and its then that I realized that I had many! Some I had not even worn since a long time, but that didn’t matter; the bottom line was I was missing each and every pair! :-(

I couldn’t even sleep properly! Yes yes I know what you must be thinking - “I am exaggerating”. But trust me I am NOT! It actually affected me so very much and I had already started to plan on how to start building my collection. It was at this very point I realized the meaning of “Fetish”. Just to remind you that I still had four pairs left with me, but for me that was close to nothing! :-)

We all have some kind of affinity to some particular thing. But, sometimes we don’t even realize when that becomes a part of our habit and we are named “compulsive buyers”! I still don’t accept am one of them! :-D
A strange thing about fetish is its not just about collecting “things”, fetish has a wide range! I have read about foot fetish, smoke fetish and what not, yes you can rack your brains and even the naughtiest thoughts can come over as somebody’s “fetish”! ;-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


In every corner of my heart,
I had a thought clear and hard
Sometimes smile sometimes frown,
Sometimes just a morbid cloud
They won’t get omitted, they won’t just fade
They are a part of you and that’s your fate.

Some about him, some about them
Some about just the time we spent
Few I cherished, few I despised
For few I just passed a smile!
I wondered when they’ll perish,
The date when they’ll stop looming

Not everything comes with an expiry date
There are some things which just come to stay
They are something which has your presence
They are special that’s why they show their presence
With each passing day I start realizing
Memories will always get tabulating.
So, live your day in the best possible manner
And later to your memory say - “see wasn’t I a winner”!