Friday, December 26, 2008

Am at loss of words...

I feel at loss of words,
When I try to explain “I miss you”
I hear your breath even in my heartbeat
Now, you only explain what is, “missing you”
Togetherness only makes sense with you by my side
My love, fill up this emptiness by being forever mine!

I feel at loss of words
When I try to explain “I need you”
I feel your presence even in your absence
Now, you only explain what is, “needing you”
Mirthfulness only makes sense with you by my side
My love, fill up this glumness by being forever mine!

I feel at loss of words
When I try to explain “I love you”
I see your smile even with closed eyes
Now, you only explain what is “Loving you”
Happiness only makes sense with you by my side
My love, fill up this loneliness by being forever mine!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My treasure of Happiness…

Search for happiness is never ending
For me your smile is one such ending
The time I spend draped in the warmth of your arms
Are the moments which define happiness for me, my love!

The love in your eyes brightens up my morning
The spark in your smile lights up my evening
I agree to be with you without any reason
I can spend my life happily with you 'my' treasure!

Am in love...

A smile straight from the heart
I drew closer to you, more than I thought
Blessings from the heaven
Made my trust on love deepen
Somehow I knew I was right
Somehow I felt the time was mine
Today I knew my smile was enough to say-“Yes am in Love”

Friday, November 21, 2008

Without YOU...

Days were dreary, the nights destitute
My eyes were tired, my smile a big liar
Its said time will fly, even the distance is nice
I say even a minute without you is not worth a try!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Love you are my life...

Dreams were coming true
The sky with shining moon
Flowers were blooming alight
As you were all mine!

Sunshine came with rouge
Even the shadows had a glow
The breeze was flying high
As you were all mine!

Summers were bright and right
Rains had nothing to fight
Even the winters came with a smile
As you were all mine!

Clouds had gone home
Even the darkness was all alone
Now paradise was my home
As I was not alone.
You made all happen,
You brought them all
You my life, my soul, my Love!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I never knew missing is so difficult,
As I never knew loving can be so intent!
I never knew smiling is so wonderful
As I never knew evrything ends in "YOU"!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Faint sound lingered in my ears
I didn't realise when I closed my eyes full of tears
There I was standing in that lane
Holding your hands and smiling like a dame

I could see no more tears
I could feel there was no more fear
Its only here that you are all mine
Its only here that I never cry

My dreams so nice,
Please come to me every night
Its where I find solace,
Its where you are only mine.

Its what I cherish even with closed eyes
Its what I want to see after I open my eyes!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yours forever...

Every time I close my eyes,
Your thoughts fill up my mind.
Your touch I can feel,
As I run my thoughts wild.

That urge to come closer,
That wait which was never over.
I wanted to be yours,
Without this distance so growse

Will wait for the day,
When distance will not matter.
Will wait for the day,
When I’ll be yours forever!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lost in your thoughts…

As I put my head on the pillow,
I try and peep out of the window.
Stars were shining, lighting up the sky
My face was glowing and there was a glint in my eyes

My thoughts went wild, my heart felt nice
It was your love that chilled my spine
“I love you” my every heart beat said…
"I miss you" was what every breath just felt.

Draped in the warmth of the hug that was mine
I passed many nights with the memory so fine!
It’ll be back some day, I’ll be blissful that day
Still am the luckiest, see I treasure these emotions everyday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

If u r not the one...

‘Cause I miss you, body and soul so strong,that it takes my breath away
And I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today

‘Cause I love you, whether it’s wrong or right
And though I can’t be with you. You know my heart is by your side

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand
If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I could stay in your arms........

~Daniel Bedingfield(if u r not the one)~

Monday, September 15, 2008

The feeling "SPECIAL"

The moment came but then it also went away.
But memories it gave which could never fade away.
I still cherish them, I'll cherish them forever,
You gave me the feeling that am 'special' whatsoever!
I still feel special, I still feel am "the one"
I feel am an angel with a will to touch the sun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Wounded smile...

Stop I say to my thoughts,
I wonder why they are always on run...
They say its better with time,
I say now how hard should I try?!
I don't like you,yes you my horrid frown!
See there my smile lies defeated,
In the battle which I never started.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Your magical absence...

Searching for your presence, my eyes get weary.
Waiting for your hug, my arms get fidgety.
I close my eyes to stop this search.
I find you there in every thought.
Yes its lovely, yes its magical.
See, even "missing you" is a beautiful thought!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gotta ticket to ride...

A streak of light flashed and brightened my face
The day ushered in an epoch of love and life
Sunshine had taken an unspoken vow
With you beside me every day is a beautiful ride!

Got a free ticket to ride,a ride which just started
Scared I am, confused I am, but yes, happy I am!
Expectations, promises, all in a package it came
Contentment, euphoria, is what it just gave.

Don't care about its end, don't care what it'll bring
I have started this journey, I give credence to this claim
Can just cherish each moment, can just dream about them
Can aver to be the luckiest star who owns this ticket to ride!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Darling Angel…

I kept gazing at the sky, hoping to feel a bit bright
I found my thoughts running, chasing you without any right.
Everything felt nice everything had a shine.
For you are my angel with a halo in disguise!

Every road which I take now, every path which I follow
Each has a new hope, a promise that is not hollow.
The storm, the thunder, even the blazing sun
Can’t even dare to harm me as I have my angel’s hug!

Don’t leave me alone, don’t ever say “now you go alone”
Don’t take away that hug, its warmth and its love.
For I need you my angel, I need you by my side
My darling angel who gave shine to my life!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A walk on the rainbow…

A knock on the door of heaven, clouds peeped through the window
My smile was the special visitor, hugging all colours right at the door.
How could rainbow turn away, how could it be mean to say “go away”
For the guest was my smile, which had once gone far away.

Colours touched my life, brightened my day and warmed my night
Blue had promise, red had love, white had peace and yellow trust
Nothing more I could ask for, there was nothing more I could think on
For I was in the dream-land with happiness as my sole companion

That smirk on my face, that glint in my eyes
That smile on my face those dreams in my eyes
Yes you brought them all and happiness to top it all
Yes you brought all those gifts, I wanted since long
See, there am again on cloud number nine
You made me walk on the rainbow and touch the sky!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don't hold yourself back....

I just realized its been a long time that I have written something. I was wishing to write this since a long time but yesterday after completing the book "Sam's letters to Jennifer" (by James Patterson) I thought I have to pen this down now. A very nice and touching novel! I never knew I can like romantic novels too. One truth that we all know but I realized again is that "Love never dies", yes we all have to believe on this sooner or later. Another nice verse I read here was- "Whether it is as fleeting as the sun-kissed days of summer or lasts nearly a lifetime, love is always worth it". How true! I guess every soul will agree with this. The book said so nicely about finding true love, finding a soul mate, finding happiness and more importantly it asked not to "hold back".
I have seen this many times, when people fall out of a relationship they get into this negative loop as if this was the last thing on earth. Don't think me to be an over practical or an over confident bitch ;-). I myself have experienced this so I know the exact feeling. But you know what, the biggest mistake what we do is we think its wrong to fall in love again. We start assuming that if we fall in love again it'll be like we have forgotten someone whom we loved in the past pretty easily. That’s not the case. We never forget our past, only variation is the thought about our past, or rather our perception towards it. Our past always reminds us that it had happened as we were a part of it, but what we should do is just pass a smile and move on! Life cannot end this way, brooding and brooding more about our past. We have to find new avenues to our happiness! And this will happen only when we decide not to hold our feelings back. Live life for a day and live it fully till you can't keep your eyes open any longer.I have I think written mostly about being happy. Even when I start off with a sad poem I end up with some positive note. But I realized I was not doing that in real life. I am the one who is holding me back from smiling and making myself happy. SO, now I have decided that I'll just keep trying more and more and will definitely be able to implement what I preached here today. :-)
Worse things can happen, you can lose the very single person around whom your life revolves but that doesn't mean your life has no right to revolve anymore! he he... That actually sounded funny! Anyways jokes apart what I just want to say in short is "Move ON". Search for your happiness and just don't hold yourself up, it’s never going to work! Believe in yourself, be good to others and just be happy. One of my friends always passes this stupid dialogue across "Ja simran jee le apni zindagi" (obviously stolen from a famous Bollywood flick) ;-).. But this applies to all of you reading this "Live your life, don't hold yourself back!”

Monday, July 7, 2008

Don’t be so mean to me…

How often have you felt bad or got hurt due to someone’s unpleasant attitude or insensitive behavior? I am sure this is mostly the reason for many of us being upset or sad. Kindness is something that we all should excel at. But sadly this is something that we tend to forget. We forget being kind and nice, we forget being empathetic, forget passing that smile as a gesture, forget behaving nicely to someone who is unaware that our mood is not fine, we just forget being amiable! In our kind of daily routine we even fall short of time in passing just a smile to an acquaintance or reply to a friend’s sms on time or even reply to someone over chat and just mention that “I am busy”.

How many times have you felt good when your friends or family has shown care towards you? Always, right? So, when it’s your turn to show that why do you just ignore it or tend not to think about it!?
Someone had once taught me about empathy but very sadly that person himself lacks empathy and that too to a great extent! I have seen this many a times that when people need to get something done or are very busy and require to shell out some work to the other person, they bombard that person with emails of “please”, “sorry” and “thank you”! But if someone is ill or some basic kind words are required, the person is lost then, he doesn’t know you any more! Strange indeed but this is what happens. May be we don’t behave in such an insensitive manner intentionally but we need to realize that we do it and that it’s wrong!
How long does it take to enquire about someone’s health? Or how long does it take to pass a smile or just say “get well soon” or may be reply to someone’s sms on time? It’s just that we tend to ignore doing such gestures, sometimes deliberately, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes just prioritizing them low in the list.

It’s difficult to realize this; it’s even more difficult to accept that you are at fault! Even though I am writing about this, I don’t claim I am perfect at this or that I have always been nice and kind to others. It’s just that I have realized its importance and have felt getting hurt and may be me talking about it makes someone else realize this as well! :)
Insensitivity hurts and that too if it’s coming from someone who means at least a little, it hurts even more! So, don’t be a reason for someone else’s sadness rather try and be that extra effect for someone’s smile :-)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They won the battle…

I saw the soil getting drenched by rain
I felt the rain drops trickling down my face
Was it the rains that I was enjoying?
Or was it the pain that I was disguising

Days turned into months, months will turn into a year
But when will I let go this fear?!
The fear of being alone, the fear of that pain once more
The fear that never goes, the fear that only grows!

Had never thought I’ll miss someone so much
Had never thought I’ll have to think so much
Being happy requires a lot of endeavor
A fake smile was the result of that struggle

Every new day starts with a resolution
A resolution to smile with full determination!
He gave me strength in thousand ways
He gave me courage to face the day
He gave me all this even being away
I am only left to say “why did you go away”?!

My life seems to be a vicious circle
Where sadness comes back winning the battle
Tears are what I now cherish,
Coz they bring back memories I can still cherish

Yes you won, you won the battle
Pain is what you gave me as a present
There I sit at the corner of my bed
Watching the rain and feeling the pain.
My days passed by giving me a wicked smile
They won the battle by snatching my smile!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Silver lining...

I was passing by a mirror saw someone on that glass
It took time for me to recognize who it was
I stared for a while, I was shocked and cried
It was me out there, eyes so red and face benumbed

I spoke to myself, mirror being the medium
Asked about my lost spirit and that long lost smile
Is this what I deserve or am I really so evil
Why this punishment, why so many days of anguish?!

Bottling things inside was the mistake I was doing
He brought them outside, the pain I was holding
The mirror was changing, the tears were vanishing
I could recognize the face that sadness was hiding!

At least I realized I can smile, at last I realized I should smile!
Pain won’t go away that easily; I can’t forget things that easily
But at least my mirror says am changing, am sharing am smiling
See, my clouds of pain now, they too have a silver lining!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

“Good” night...

Sitting by the window, staring at stars
I wondered why the night seems so long
I wished everyone “good night”
But why was “good” missing from my night?!
I waited for a new day with baited breath
But sadly that too had a night to end.

Missing someone had become my habit
But wishing for his presence was certainly a bad habit!
I faked that am happy, I faked that am enjoying
I faked my behavior when the sun was shinning
Up came the stars, the sun couldn’t shine anymore
So was the truth that I can’t fake anymore.

Want to smile even on a silent night
Want that hug nice and tight
Will dream about me, will dream about us
Will dream about those lovely times to come
Can just wish for all these to come true
Can just wish for that smile, not fake but true!

That good night hug, that good night kiss
That “good” night is what I still just miss.
I know this will happen, I know it’ll be true
Till then my friends “good” night is only for you!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy ending…

Lost in thoughts, lost in hopes
Lost in something positive and pure
Couldn’t understand what it was
But at least realized “yes it was”!

I had this feeling earlier too,
But the end was negative, I knew that too.
Should I think more or should I let it happen
Or should I just stop it all!

Why again with me, why again that phase
I kept questioning but was at loss again
A ray of hope, a ray of faith
Seems nice, but is it worth that game?!

I hope to find that answer
I hope to find solace
I just hope I can say,
“HAPPY ENDING” is here as well!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Am a happy girl again!

I had lost my smile, I had excelled in pretending
I was missing something but just brushed it aside
Was proud to tell “Am happy alone”
But never thought “Why should I be alone”

I had everything but still a void somewhere
I was doing everything but my heart was not there
A person to share with matters a lot
If that person is a friend what else can I ask for!

I started smiling, I started sharing
I started realizing what I was missing
Sun was smiling at me, the city turned alive
Every single thing had hope and smile
Want this to persist want this to continue
Want just to shout “I am a happy girl again”!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A year has passed by…

I completed one year in my project this month. As far as I can remember I just have good memories :-) Isn’t that great!? Work that too in a software firm where monotony is simply unavoidable I didn’t even realize where the time passed away! I am writing this specially for my wonderful team to let them know that they mean a lot!
A team where I was the only female candidate and as IT professionals are famous for being boring and nerd, yes I was a bit apprehensive and was not at all looking forward to join the team! I still have clear memories of my first day when I shared my cubicle with a colleague who had displaced beard on his chin (which later I realized was his birth mark! He he) and my PL, who was actually sweet to talk to but was wearing a sweater during the month of MAY! Now you can imagine all the reason of me being not so happy! Then there was a man with moustache who was a perfect geek but I always wondered why he was so quite, two joined with me, one just loved to study and the other was too lost to study, I assumed he already knew a lot. And then met my TL who just loved talking about Delhi! I would rather call him “Mr. Know it all”. Now I was amidst confusion - in a team of just eight, one was a formal PL, one was a proxy PL (others won’t understand this) and one was a TL! My proxy PL was too polite and I actually realized that being from Mahatma Gandhi’s place can actually bring a difference in you! He he. For a fresher like me everything seemed so very confusing and to be true boring.
But it didn’t even take one month to break the ice! I learnt technical stuff, I learnt how to write proper emails and above all I learnt to put my point across. In fact I never knew I had points to put across! ;-) Slowly each one of us became team mates to friends to very good friends. I would have not survived happily in Mumbai without my team. Never did I feel that I was the only girl in the team and that I was kept out of few discussions, don’t know whether actually I was, but I’ll prefer not to think about the “don’t know” part.
I was taken care of when I fell ill, I was given company when I felt lonely, I was given a shoulder to cry upon, I was protected when it was needed, I was taught to be technically strong, need I mention any more points to express how lucky I was?! And I swear I didn’t exaggerate even a single point :-)
Just wanted all of you to know that I had an amazing one year and have all wonderful and memorable moments spent with you all. Thanks to each of you and my good wishes will always be there for you all. And I’ll pray that as my career started with such a wonderful team and my expectations are set high now, I get to meet such nice people in my professional life always. You all are special and will always be so!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Live life king size!

We all have a “past” but happy are those who have just kept it as past. I have met many people who can’t just let go off things. Its sometimes addiction to smoking or drinking, sometimes not letting go of their “Ex”, sometimes cribbing about “why didn’t I study properly at that time” and sometimes “I should have taken that more seriously”. We all make mistakes and sooner or later realize that yes it was a mistake! But should we just torture ourselves because we made that mistake? The answer is NO!
God has made each one of us to live our life and “live” means “live happily”, cherish every moment! We ought to have faith in ourselves to stay happy. The other day I was reading “Success Stories”, yes as the name suggests it was a collection of short stories of few who triumphed against all odds. It did motivate me, but what it did to me was that I was left wondering why do we often end up saying “I can’t”.
Is the past or any such negative feeling that strong that it should restrain us from living happily?! Just brush it aside. Try to learn from the past. Yes, I know what you might be thinking, that this is philosophy and you have read this umpteen number of times. But why I am writing all this, is to make few people who read this realize that “You are special”!
As a child we all must have always dreamt to be successful, to make full utilization of our talents but slowly over the years we tend to sideline our happiness and our wishes and tend to do what we consider is “worth”. We rarely are ready to just gamble for our happiness. We lower our sights, as Rabindranath Tagore put it, to enter the “dreary desert sand of dead habit”.
Live for yourself, nobody is worth your tears! Live to do all those things you always wished for, live to bring a smile on others face, live to show your “Ex” you can still be happy, be happy to make those who bitch about you feel jealous, be happy just to keep your cruel boss wondering about it, just live for your happiness!
I often hear my friends saying that “My work keeps me too busy, am tired of it”, I wont deny that even I sometimes say this ;-). But have you ever questioned yourself that will you be happy if you are made to sit idle? Even I work in one such BIG organization which is famous for keeping people “on bench” and trust me I didn’t enjoy that even a tiny bit! I was always cribbing about when the hell will I get work. And then when we get lots of work we are again not happy! “Being happy” is actually a food for thought. You have to learn this art, and the sooner you do this the happier you will be!
So friends enjoy what you are doing, yearn for more, try being happy no matter what it takes. Just forget the past and keep it as a reference, don’t let it be a part of your present. :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Every time I passed some footwear shop, I just couldn’t resist myself praising at least one of the many displayed. And then suddenly I had a thought of buying one of them! Initially the thought was bleak but slowly I found that it was winning over me! I went inside the shop tried the pair, and obviously found them to be perfect. But then my conscious started questioning me- “Do you actually need them?” Even I wondered whether I actually needed them. But that strong desire of acquiring footwear over passed my practical thoughts.
I spent some more time thinking about whether “I should” or “I should not”. And slowly I found “I should” was winning over its counterpart! No prizes for guessing the end “Yes, I bought yet ANOTHER pair”. :-)

Whenever my boyfriend or my roomies used to tell that I have just too many pairs of footwear, I used to just brush them off saying that this is just a normal count and generally all girls have bountiful footwear. But then one day I lost almost all of them! That’s another story how, which I’ll tell you later. But yes I was just left with four pairs! The thought just didn’t seem to sink in! I started counting the pairs which were no longer with me and its then that I realized that I had many! Some I had not even worn since a long time, but that didn’t matter; the bottom line was I was missing each and every pair! :-(

I couldn’t even sleep properly! Yes yes I know what you must be thinking - “I am exaggerating”. But trust me I am NOT! It actually affected me so very much and I had already started to plan on how to start building my collection. It was at this very point I realized the meaning of “Fetish”. Just to remind you that I still had four pairs left with me, but for me that was close to nothing! :-)

We all have some kind of affinity to some particular thing. But, sometimes we don’t even realize when that becomes a part of our habit and we are named “compulsive buyers”! I still don’t accept am one of them! :-D
A strange thing about fetish is its not just about collecting “things”, fetish has a wide range! I have read about foot fetish, smoke fetish and what not, yes you can rack your brains and even the naughtiest thoughts can come over as somebody’s “fetish”! ;-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


In every corner of my heart,
I had a thought clear and hard
Sometimes smile sometimes frown,
Sometimes just a morbid cloud
They won’t get omitted, they won’t just fade
They are a part of you and that’s your fate.

Some about him, some about them
Some about just the time we spent
Few I cherished, few I despised
For few I just passed a smile!
I wondered when they’ll perish,
The date when they’ll stop looming

Not everything comes with an expiry date
There are some things which just come to stay
They are something which has your presence
They are special that’s why they show their presence
With each passing day I start realizing
Memories will always get tabulating.
So, live your day in the best possible manner
And later to your memory say - “see wasn’t I a winner”!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing You...

As I face the winds, standing by the road
A sudden chill fills me from within
It was a thought I was trying to disguise
Just wished it never came alive
I tried to nudge it away,
But it came up with a will “never to go away
Missing you” is what my heart was saying
But accepting that was not what I was doing.

Dominance over my thoughts was my skill
But why was this thought not in my list?!
I felt abashed I felt senile
I suddenly realized I lost my “smile”!
I loved sunshine I loved the rains
But why are now only clouds of pain?

I realized my indiscretion, my mistake to abstain
I’ll not make this thought my weakness
I’ll not let it steal the seasons
I’ll make it my strength, my reason to pursuit
Coz I am not far from you and the thought tells it all
Sunshine will graze me and so will rains
Missing you” will stay but will abandon the pain!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fell short of 24hrs…..

Don’t you sometimes feel that time is running away?! I always fall short of these 24 hours. Always wish I had a few extra hours to do “other” things. And strangely enough this list of “other things” seems never ending! I daily make a “to do” list, but even after finishing those few top priority things the list just keeps growing! I wish I had more time to write, I wish I had more time to just relax and listen to music, I wish I had time to cook, but don’t know when this “wish list” will get fulfilled.
We generally get to read about time management in various books, news articles, movies, so on and so forth, but does that actually help us in managing our time? For me the answer is a big NO! I always have numerous things on my mind and a numerous things on paper but I actually end up completing only those tasks which have a timeline associated with them. Yes here am referring to our mammoth office task. And then we end up complaining that our routine is so monotonous!
Not done, not done at all! Why can’t we just take out a few hours for our own self?! We definitely can but we tend to hold that in a lower priority and keep curbing our wish list and keep cribbing that “I am NOT happy”.

So, why not include our wish list in our priority?! If not the entire list at least we can take a few. Right?! So, just don’t bridle, give time to what makes YOU happy. Come out of that negative loop and just “BE HAPPY”, and yes you have to be a little selfish and think about your own self! :-)

Time was ticking, I was wishing
Wishing it to stop, or get my wish list short
Wanted to do so much but always thought how much
Gave transcendence to my wishes
But didn’t overpass my commitments
Feeling happy is our right,
Just don’t get it out of sight
“24Hours” will never change, but your demeanor can
So why not bring that change
And say “24 hours-here I AM”!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cloud Number 9

No no you guessed it wrong! I am not going to paste Bryan Adam’s lyrics here. :-) Just wanted you to think, have you ever experienced to be on “cloud no 9”? I definitely have!
Being in love is one such instance when you tend to feel you are on “cloud no 9”. So, for me too that was the same! You suddenly feel the entire world loves you, you feel you are the princess, you feel that nothing can be better than this! You just feel ecstatic! Everything around you seems musical and you are just “HAPPY”.

I saw into his eyes, found love and faith
Never thought about “what next”
I wanted to love and got the same
Was on “cloud 9”, and that was the best!
Couldn’t just stop smiling, couldn’t stop being happy
Couldn’t stop saying, I was just lucky!
Whether he with me, or far away
I just love this feeling and always want it to stay!
I love him for what he is; I love him for his love
I love him for showing me sunshine
And that’s what I could have asked for! :-)

I have moved on....

How often have you heard this phrase? I bet the answer will be “many”! We hear this every time we pass through a difficult situation, and we actually “get over” it. But won’t you agree when I say that getting over is really very TOUGH!
Have we ever thought why the hell do we need to “get over”?! And why the hell such a situation came?! Dear friend you are yourself the reason why you faced such a situation! J Everything has a consequence and we don’t always think about this when we act or decide. So, if we have done that we ought to face a situation of “getting over”. But then again, we never decide and go through those days of agony, and moreover who wants to go through them!?
I too have faced such situations but I always had a very good friendship with “smile” :-)
Life just goes on for everyone and so it will go on for you too! You faced a situation of dejection because something which held importance in your life is no longer there. But, why do we forget that now something else will take that place. The position of “special” is never empty in our life. It definitely gets filled and the days between them are the days of “melancholy”. So accept that and just “MOVE ON”.

The days of somber never seemed to end,
How hard I wished - “my friend ‘smile’ come back”
I thought its all over I was loosing my strength
But then ‘smile’ came back with a bag full of his friends
Getting over seems formidable
But after getting over we say it was amenable.
So, just smile and celebrate this “euphoria”
And say those wearisome days - “see I have MOVED ON”!


For me probably this is the most important aspect of well being. I just love to smile and see people around me smile. My love for this “curve” is so much that I even take out printout of nice smiley and put it up on my desk. Might sound weird but even seeing a smiley printout keeps me going. :-)
You generally smile when you are happy but I don’t think so that a smile should be restricted there. Don’t you feel good when an acquaintance just passes a smile when you pass by him/her? Yes you do!
Smile to the waiter who is serving you, smile to the liftman, smile to the security guard in your building, you won’t even realize but you actually made somebody feel good in those few seconds! In your busy and monotonous life you just tend to forget that you don’t actually need a reason to smile. Smile is actually a sunshine whose rays will definitely brighten those few seconds of somebody’s life.

“Smile without a reason, smile for other people
Smile to make yourself feel better, smile to make you go getter” :-)


A simple word but of immense importance. You'll just not realize that unless you have faced a situation to "DECIDE". For me I was always a strong individual and yes very strong on decisions about myself.... unless one day I realized I was NOT! We need to do the right things at the right time or else "CONFUSION" comes into the scene. Have you ever realized how much these two words are coherent? And if you prolong both of them you'll find another new mate "TROUBLE" and its synonyms of course. And if you are thinking that this will end here, you are WRONG! Just two mates??! Nah.... How can "ANGUISH" leave you alone???... :-)

I’ll show you the other side of the story... where the right “Decision” was made at the right time. And the mate you get is “EUPHORIA”.

As they say “It’s never too late”. It’s actually NEVER. But why to miss out the days of euphoria?! You are never alone as an individual, so your decisions will also not just affect you. So, when people say you were selfish when you made that decision, they are not always wrong. How can you just rule out how the consequences of your decisions will affect the ones who care about you? Don’t you care about them? If yes then why can’t you be empathetic towards them? “Empathy” – nice word but difficult to understand unless you are in the other person’s shoes. A very special person made me realize how important this word is.

“A decision I made, a loss I faced
Why didn’t I understand, it’s his smile that I wait.
Lack of empathy, lot of muddle
Is that why I lost that cuddle?!
Things can’t change, even if I want
At least he is smiling, and that’s what I want.
Sunshine will come and give me solace
As they say “this too shall pass”. :-)