Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Surname Factor ;)

I have been having this thought since some time now. Is our surname really important? We all form a first impression of any person we meet. But did you realise that the conclusions we draw of our 'first' impression also include a few from the 'surname' of a person.
In India we have so many casts and also different religions across the country and hence we have uncountable number of different surnames. So, when we happen to meet a person for the first time we tend to conclude something from the surname. I am no God, even i do the same!!! Its actually funny most of the times ;)
I being a bengali had the privilege of spending my childhood in a small cosmopolitan town and hence coz of all obvious reasons I am a bit of every culture (depending on the 'best friend' i had in that class ;) ). We as kids were so naive!!! anyways coming back to the topic. I am often faced with this remark " Oh wow your hindi doesn't sound like a bengali!". Now I fail to understand, was this a compliment or a failing mockery!!!
I did my graduation in maharashtra and had the opportunity to experience hostel life. And as all hostel sagas go even I had horrible meals provided in the hostel. Wait, can I even call it a meal?! Every meal and every curry used to be full of groundnuts! And thus came another inference "all maharashtrians love just groundnuts"! thank god I was proven wrong ;). And then I married a gujrati! When ever I tell this to anyone the first reaction I get is "Oh poor you, a bengali married to gujrati, you must have stopped eating non-vegetarian food and your husband must be very kanjoos (miser)"!!!!
Thank god none of them is true!!! ;) Why can't a gujrati eat non vegetarian food and why the hell can't he be a spent thrift!!!!
I have many muslim friends and I love many small aspects of their culture as well! Specially the food!!! One of my muslim friends was once faced with a question "during a india-pakistan match whom do you support?". People, can there be a more dumber question!!!! Does she have to provide a certificate that she is an Indian??!!!
So, I have decided one thing, whenever I am going to have a child, I for sure am not going give him/her any surname which will define his caste or religion. I am sure my husband will support me on this. We all crib about a lot of things that are not changing but never realise that change has to start somewhere. So, in my family I will start the change. I want my child to know the fact that he/she is an indian and rest whatever the child wants to learn or follow its upto him/her. Be it any caste or be it any religion! :)