Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Surname Factor ;)

I have been having this thought since some time now. Is our surname really important? We all form a first impression of any person we meet. But did you realise that the conclusions we draw of our 'first' impression also include a few from the 'surname' of a person.
In India we have so many casts and also different religions across the country and hence we have uncountable number of different surnames. So, when we happen to meet a person for the first time we tend to conclude something from the surname. I am no God, even i do the same!!! Its actually funny most of the times ;)
I being a bengali had the privilege of spending my childhood in a small cosmopolitan town and hence coz of all obvious reasons I am a bit of every culture (depending on the 'best friend' i had in that class ;) ). We as kids were so naive!!! anyways coming back to the topic. I am often faced with this remark " Oh wow your hindi doesn't sound like a bengali!". Now I fail to understand, was this a compliment or a failing mockery!!!
I did my graduation in maharashtra and had the opportunity to experience hostel life. And as all hostel sagas go even I had horrible meals provided in the hostel. Wait, can I even call it a meal?! Every meal and every curry used to be full of groundnuts! And thus came another inference "all maharashtrians love just groundnuts"! thank god I was proven wrong ;). And then I married a gujrati! When ever I tell this to anyone the first reaction I get is "Oh poor you, a bengali married to gujrati, you must have stopped eating non-vegetarian food and your husband must be very kanjoos (miser)"!!!!
Thank god none of them is true!!! ;) Why can't a gujrati eat non vegetarian food and why the hell can't he be a spent thrift!!!!
I have many muslim friends and I love many small aspects of their culture as well! Specially the food!!! One of my muslim friends was once faced with a question "during a india-pakistan match whom do you support?". People, can there be a more dumber question!!!! Does she have to provide a certificate that she is an Indian??!!!
So, I have decided one thing, whenever I am going to have a child, I for sure am not going give him/her any surname which will define his caste or religion. I am sure my husband will support me on this. We all crib about a lot of things that are not changing but never realise that change has to start somewhere. So, in my family I will start the change. I want my child to know the fact that he/she is an indian and rest whatever the child wants to learn or follow its upto him/her. Be it any caste or be it any religion! :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My daughter, my pearl....

Dedicating this post to one of my sweetest friend who just experienced the happiness of motherhood... I just tried to portray her feelings in my words... hope to experience this wondrous feeling someday....

A smile tinkled at me
Her eyes showed a million stars
A touch of her hand
Made me forget where I am

I was scared, I was anxious
I was wondering how
Her cry made me feel
My angel is now on earth

I wish her happiness
I wish her all d good wishes
I thank god for giving me my treasure
She is my daughter, she is my love
She is my pearl, my darling forever...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If only...

This song has been like an anthem for me always and always will. It gives me immense strength to stand by.... anything. Just love the song , every bit of it!

It'll be alright, you said, tomorrow
Don't you cry, don't you shed a tear
When you wake up, I'll still be here
When you wake up, we'll battle all your fears

So now I'll take my heart back
Put your pictures on the floor
Steal back my memories,
Oh I can't take it any more
I've cried my heart out, now i face the years
The way you loved me, vanished all the tears

Just a little more time was all we needed
Just a little time for me to see
Oh all the light that life can give you
Or how it can set you free
So now I'll......

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Don't knock at my door,
Nor my windows so tight.
Don't look into my eyes,
With your fake sight
Don't peep into my soul,
Nor my life so bright
Don't touch my hands
As those fingers ain't mine
Don't make me say in sober words
Coz 'Hate' can never be a beautiful word

Friday, March 19, 2010

Unwinded wind...

Frozen she stood by the sidewalk
Amidst a crowd that never stops
Do they also feel the need to breathe?
Or is it me who just felt the wind?

The wind that wants me to stop
The wind that questions me a lot
The wind that asked me to brood
To think, to cry and smile as I stood.

Days, weeks, months and years
Are just numbers, you count so clear
People who can make you smile
Is what you should count my dear

You forget, the way she did
And be the part of that crowd
Till one day you are forced to halt
Frozen by the unwinded wind...