Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don't hold yourself back....

I just realized its been a long time that I have written something. I was wishing to write this since a long time but yesterday after completing the book "Sam's letters to Jennifer" (by James Patterson) I thought I have to pen this down now. A very nice and touching novel! I never knew I can like romantic novels too. One truth that we all know but I realized again is that "Love never dies", yes we all have to believe on this sooner or later. Another nice verse I read here was- "Whether it is as fleeting as the sun-kissed days of summer or lasts nearly a lifetime, love is always worth it". How true! I guess every soul will agree with this. The book said so nicely about finding true love, finding a soul mate, finding happiness and more importantly it asked not to "hold back".
I have seen this many times, when people fall out of a relationship they get into this negative loop as if this was the last thing on earth. Don't think me to be an over practical or an over confident bitch ;-). I myself have experienced this so I know the exact feeling. But you know what, the biggest mistake what we do is we think its wrong to fall in love again. We start assuming that if we fall in love again it'll be like we have forgotten someone whom we loved in the past pretty easily. That’s not the case. We never forget our past, only variation is the thought about our past, or rather our perception towards it. Our past always reminds us that it had happened as we were a part of it, but what we should do is just pass a smile and move on! Life cannot end this way, brooding and brooding more about our past. We have to find new avenues to our happiness! And this will happen only when we decide not to hold our feelings back. Live life for a day and live it fully till you can't keep your eyes open any longer.I have I think written mostly about being happy. Even when I start off with a sad poem I end up with some positive note. But I realized I was not doing that in real life. I am the one who is holding me back from smiling and making myself happy. SO, now I have decided that I'll just keep trying more and more and will definitely be able to implement what I preached here today. :-)
Worse things can happen, you can lose the very single person around whom your life revolves but that doesn't mean your life has no right to revolve anymore! he he... That actually sounded funny! Anyways jokes apart what I just want to say in short is "Move ON". Search for your happiness and just don't hold yourself up, it’s never going to work! Believe in yourself, be good to others and just be happy. One of my friends always passes this stupid dialogue across "Ja simran jee le apni zindagi" (obviously stolen from a famous Bollywood flick) ;-).. But this applies to all of you reading this "Live your life, don't hold yourself back!”

Monday, July 7, 2008

Don’t be so mean to me…

How often have you felt bad or got hurt due to someone’s unpleasant attitude or insensitive behavior? I am sure this is mostly the reason for many of us being upset or sad. Kindness is something that we all should excel at. But sadly this is something that we tend to forget. We forget being kind and nice, we forget being empathetic, forget passing that smile as a gesture, forget behaving nicely to someone who is unaware that our mood is not fine, we just forget being amiable! In our kind of daily routine we even fall short of time in passing just a smile to an acquaintance or reply to a friend’s sms on time or even reply to someone over chat and just mention that “I am busy”.

How many times have you felt good when your friends or family has shown care towards you? Always, right? So, when it’s your turn to show that why do you just ignore it or tend not to think about it!?
Someone had once taught me about empathy but very sadly that person himself lacks empathy and that too to a great extent! I have seen this many a times that when people need to get something done or are very busy and require to shell out some work to the other person, they bombard that person with emails of “please”, “sorry” and “thank you”! But if someone is ill or some basic kind words are required, the person is lost then, he doesn’t know you any more! Strange indeed but this is what happens. May be we don’t behave in such an insensitive manner intentionally but we need to realize that we do it and that it’s wrong!
How long does it take to enquire about someone’s health? Or how long does it take to pass a smile or just say “get well soon” or may be reply to someone’s sms on time? It’s just that we tend to ignore doing such gestures, sometimes deliberately, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes just prioritizing them low in the list.

It’s difficult to realize this; it’s even more difficult to accept that you are at fault! Even though I am writing about this, I don’t claim I am perfect at this or that I have always been nice and kind to others. It’s just that I have realized its importance and have felt getting hurt and may be me talking about it makes someone else realize this as well! :)
Insensitivity hurts and that too if it’s coming from someone who means at least a little, it hurts even more! So, don’t be a reason for someone else’s sadness rather try and be that extra effect for someone’s smile :-)