Wednesday, April 2, 2008


In every corner of my heart,
I had a thought clear and hard
Sometimes smile sometimes frown,
Sometimes just a morbid cloud
They won’t get omitted, they won’t just fade
They are a part of you and that’s your fate.

Some about him, some about them
Some about just the time we spent
Few I cherished, few I despised
For few I just passed a smile!
I wondered when they’ll perish,
The date when they’ll stop looming

Not everything comes with an expiry date
There are some things which just come to stay
They are something which has your presence
They are special that’s why they show their presence
With each passing day I start realizing
Memories will always get tabulating.
So, live your day in the best possible manner
And later to your memory say - “see wasn’t I a winner”!

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