Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Silver lining...

I was passing by a mirror saw someone on that glass
It took time for me to recognize who it was
I stared for a while, I was shocked and cried
It was me out there, eyes so red and face benumbed

I spoke to myself, mirror being the medium
Asked about my lost spirit and that long lost smile
Is this what I deserve or am I really so evil
Why this punishment, why so many days of anguish?!

Bottling things inside was the mistake I was doing
He brought them outside, the pain I was holding
The mirror was changing, the tears were vanishing
I could recognize the face that sadness was hiding!

At least I realized I can smile, at last I realized I should smile!
Pain won’t go away that easily; I can’t forget things that easily
But at least my mirror says am changing, am sharing am smiling
See, my clouds of pain now, they too have a silver lining!

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Neeraj said...

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