Monday, July 7, 2008

Don’t be so mean to me…

How often have you felt bad or got hurt due to someone’s unpleasant attitude or insensitive behavior? I am sure this is mostly the reason for many of us being upset or sad. Kindness is something that we all should excel at. But sadly this is something that we tend to forget. We forget being kind and nice, we forget being empathetic, forget passing that smile as a gesture, forget behaving nicely to someone who is unaware that our mood is not fine, we just forget being amiable! In our kind of daily routine we even fall short of time in passing just a smile to an acquaintance or reply to a friend’s sms on time or even reply to someone over chat and just mention that “I am busy”.

How many times have you felt good when your friends or family has shown care towards you? Always, right? So, when it’s your turn to show that why do you just ignore it or tend not to think about it!?
Someone had once taught me about empathy but very sadly that person himself lacks empathy and that too to a great extent! I have seen this many a times that when people need to get something done or are very busy and require to shell out some work to the other person, they bombard that person with emails of “please”, “sorry” and “thank you”! But if someone is ill or some basic kind words are required, the person is lost then, he doesn’t know you any more! Strange indeed but this is what happens. May be we don’t behave in such an insensitive manner intentionally but we need to realize that we do it and that it’s wrong!
How long does it take to enquire about someone’s health? Or how long does it take to pass a smile or just say “get well soon” or may be reply to someone’s sms on time? It’s just that we tend to ignore doing such gestures, sometimes deliberately, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes just prioritizing them low in the list.

It’s difficult to realize this; it’s even more difficult to accept that you are at fault! Even though I am writing about this, I don’t claim I am perfect at this or that I have always been nice and kind to others. It’s just that I have realized its importance and have felt getting hurt and may be me talking about it makes someone else realize this as well! :)
Insensitivity hurts and that too if it’s coming from someone who means at least a little, it hurts even more! So, don’t be a reason for someone else’s sadness rather try and be that extra effect for someone’s smile :-)

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Vlad said...

I know what you're saying... Sometimes we are mean to some people even without knowing that we are being mean :( That's too bad, and when we realize that those persons were feeling really bad about our actions sometimes it's too late.

Anyway, I was just passing by :)