Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing You...

As I face the winds, standing by the road
A sudden chill fills me from within
It was a thought I was trying to disguise
Just wished it never came alive
I tried to nudge it away,
But it came up with a will “never to go away
Missing you” is what my heart was saying
But accepting that was not what I was doing.

Dominance over my thoughts was my skill
But why was this thought not in my list?!
I felt abashed I felt senile
I suddenly realized I lost my “smile”!
I loved sunshine I loved the rains
But why are now only clouds of pain?

I realized my indiscretion, my mistake to abstain
I’ll not make this thought my weakness
I’ll not let it steal the seasons
I’ll make it my strength, my reason to pursuit
Coz I am not far from you and the thought tells it all
Sunshine will graze me and so will rains
Missing you” will stay but will abandon the pain!


tina said...

Lovely Poem.....and some things are so true when you miss someone or a thing

Pankaj Upadhyay said...

I really admire your +ve thoughts. You always start your poems with a very negative point but when you end them, you always do justice to your poem. Keep this spirit alive :)