Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Darling Angel…

I kept gazing at the sky, hoping to feel a bit bright
I found my thoughts running, chasing you without any right.
Everything felt nice everything had a shine.
For you are my angel with a halo in disguise!

Every road which I take now, every path which I follow
Each has a new hope, a promise that is not hollow.
The storm, the thunder, even the blazing sun
Can’t even dare to harm me as I have my angel’s hug!

Don’t leave me alone, don’t ever say “now you go alone”
Don’t take away that hug, its warmth and its love.
For I need you my angel, I need you by my side
My darling angel who gave shine to my life!

1 comment:

ficklemind said...

nice one .. dnt worry .. angles dont easily let go of angels :)