Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A walk on the rainbow…

A knock on the door of heaven, clouds peeped through the window
My smile was the special visitor, hugging all colours right at the door.
How could rainbow turn away, how could it be mean to say “go away”
For the guest was my smile, which had once gone far away.

Colours touched my life, brightened my day and warmed my night
Blue had promise, red had love, white had peace and yellow trust
Nothing more I could ask for, there was nothing more I could think on
For I was in the dream-land with happiness as my sole companion

That smirk on my face, that glint in my eyes
That smile on my face those dreams in my eyes
Yes you brought them all and happiness to top it all
Yes you brought all those gifts, I wanted since long
See, there am again on cloud number nine
You made me walk on the rainbow and touch the sky!


ficklemind said...

Good one ! Its like a medley of so many emotions. Must be a great feeling to walk on the rainbow :)

venus said...

@ficklemind- Thanks! :) and no doubt the feeling is great!!!