Thursday, February 19, 2009

No excuse for being Philanthropist...

Just saw the movie Seven Pounds, though I have never written about any movie or my likes/dislikes. But this movie compelled me to write at least something. At this moment am feeling all choked, choked with emotions, loaded with thoughts, piled with loads of memories flashing in my mind. I don’t know where to start and how to express but just one thing- “Love people, help people, care for people who matter”.

We all have read at thousand occasions “life is short, be happy” but how much do we keep that in mind when we are actually going through a bad time? We don’t. How often do we remember being good to others? How correct do we find being empathetic at almost all situations? How hard do we find to be nice to someone who wasn’t that nice to us? Made you rethink and ponder on the questions ;)

The best part I liked about the movie was the importance of “realization”. Being in a material world, the importance of feelings, emotions, love, care everything becomes a second priority. Not our fault completely! But what is amiss is the factor - realization. It has become very easy for us to say “I forgot, am sorry”, “please understand, it wasn’t possible” and many such one liners which have become predominant in our vocabulary.
Is it that hard to be kind? NO. Is it that hard to express love? NO. Is it that hard to start your pursuit of happiness? Again a BIG NO!
Still thinking about what you just read and the questions that were asked? Don’t! Just stop and start living a life full of kindness, love, care and a bag full of happiness! :))


Vlad said...

Nice movie, it made some people cry when I saw it (including me XD hahaha)

Lincoln said...

quite a motivating post :)