Monday, February 23, 2009

A desert called ‘confusions’…

I stopped, I looked behind
I always felt I was being called
The moment I waited, to hear that again
The moment I wanted, never came again

I was content, more than I wanted
But there was something which made me unwanted
Love I breathed, care I felt
And also a pile of memories which I dreamt

Togetherness made every day glimmer
Distance always took away the shimmer
I sat bemused again by that window
My emotions were petrified and I felt all hollow

Do I always have to express my wants?
Do I always have to wait for that love?
Do I always have to feel the emotions?
Why me always in a desert called ‘confusions’?!


Alchemist16 said...

sometimes its not confusion...ppl are trying to insulate from harsh realities...waiting till last moment to find an alternative...which feels confusion

Lincoln said...

i dont know but ur post made me laughed :)