Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So, when is the "good news"?!

Why the hell are you so interested in hearing a good news from me?.. I hope you people are understanding the hidden 'good news' part. It irritates me to the core, when am forced to face such questions!
I am not waiting for the good news neither my husband is and nor my parents are, then who the hell are you?!
I really wonder sometimes, does marriage mean having babies as a compulsory attribute along with it? I am very happy in my married life and equally busy in my work life and yes I have not even given any kind of thought to having babies. Am I wrong in that?
And come on, when I want to have a baby and whether I should have a baby or not, is totally a matter under me and my husband. Why does that distant relative or that office colleague or that neighbour, is interested in something that is very personal?

When you are not married, you get loads of advise to get married and why you should get married and how important it is and all that blah! And then when you get married, they will start the same rant with babies in picture now. When will these 'too courteous' people understand that they have just no business in this! When I will have a baby, they will get the good news, so just be bothered about that and don't poke your ugly and irritating nose into other things!

Very frankly, I have not thought of having babies. I feel I am not mentally prepared for a baby, and may be I never feel that way. But that is my personal thinking and the only person who can question me is my husband! No one else! When I tell people that I might never think of having babies, I am given such alien looks that I feel i just committed a verbal crime! I get remarks like 'Ya you still have time, you can wait till you are 30'. Ok, so far so fine. What if I turn 30 and am still not ready to become a parent and take that responsibility?! Will I be sent to a mental rehabilitation center??? Or will I be out-casted from the community?!

My sister just delivered a baby boy. And I am really happy for her and really feel wonderful whenever I see him and feel very affectionate towards him. But when I talk to her and listen about the responsibilities that come along and how suddenly your daily routine has to change etc, I really don't foresee myself doing all that. I am scared to an extent and more importantly haven't thought about it so much. But yes, even if I decide not to have a baby, I don't feel am doing anything wrong in that! If both me and my husband feel that being a parent is something we won't be able to do rightly or we don't want to experience that, it is something that we both have decided and it is our choice.

So, YOU X aunty or Y neighbour or Z colleague, please don't give me advice! If I feel the need of it, I will ask it from my parents or my sis or my close friends.
It is OUR life and it will be OUR good news!


Anonymous said...

You nailed it with the last line :)
Don't worry about the world and live life the way you love it :)

Venus said...

Thank you! :)