Friday, December 9, 2011

Baba- My rockstar forever!

Every girl is princess to her father and dad is her hero. I was also that princess who grew up still to remain a little princess for her father. But am one of those unfortunate ones who lost her hero as well.
Whenever I think of Baba, I can just remember those wise words of wisdom, those jokes, all the inspiration he gave me and those eyes filled with immense love! We shared a special bond and Baba was the one who created that bond. My hubby still says that he has spoilt me which I don't deny ;) but whatever good things I have learnt I can proudly say that those are from Baba.
When I was studying, he would say give in your best. When I started working, he still said the same... Never once he has asked me about how much I earn or about my designation. He has always told me that keep giving your best and don't cheat on yourself, you will always succeed!
My mornings used to become better after hearing his cheerful voice and his happy 'good morning' :) I just crave to hear that voice again.
The only thing that gives me peace is that he was suffering a lot because of his health and was not able to do anything he liked and God gave him relief from that finally.
Wherever he is , I know his blessings are with me. Wherever he is I know he is looking at me with those love filled eyes. I just want to tell you baba that I love you loads and I miss you everyday. I just wish I could hear your voice again and give you a tight hug! But I will smile and do all the things you have always taught me and make you proud with my deeds.
And I know you are smiling and reading this with a glass of scotch and saying Cheers!!!! :)

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