Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Am a happy girl again!

I had lost my smile, I had excelled in pretending
I was missing something but just brushed it aside
Was proud to tell “Am happy alone”
But never thought “Why should I be alone”

I had everything but still a void somewhere
I was doing everything but my heart was not there
A person to share with matters a lot
If that person is a friend what else can I ask for!

I started smiling, I started sharing
I started realizing what I was missing
Sun was smiling at me, the city turned alive
Every single thing had hope and smile
Want this to persist want this to continue
Want just to shout “I am a happy girl again”!

1 comment:

Anonymous said... one is alone, its only in our heart that we feel alone.
u just have to look around, u will see that u r the happiest of all, for u have the secrete line...
“I am a happy girl again”!