Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Live life king size!

We all have a “past” but happy are those who have just kept it as past. I have met many people who can’t just let go off things. Its sometimes addiction to smoking or drinking, sometimes not letting go of their “Ex”, sometimes cribbing about “why didn’t I study properly at that time” and sometimes “I should have taken that more seriously”. We all make mistakes and sooner or later realize that yes it was a mistake! But should we just torture ourselves because we made that mistake? The answer is NO!
God has made each one of us to live our life and “live” means “live happily”, cherish every moment! We ought to have faith in ourselves to stay happy. The other day I was reading “Success Stories”, yes as the name suggests it was a collection of short stories of few who triumphed against all odds. It did motivate me, but what it did to me was that I was left wondering why do we often end up saying “I can’t”.
Is the past or any such negative feeling that strong that it should restrain us from living happily?! Just brush it aside. Try to learn from the past. Yes, I know what you might be thinking, that this is philosophy and you have read this umpteen number of times. But why I am writing all this, is to make few people who read this realize that “You are special”!
As a child we all must have always dreamt to be successful, to make full utilization of our talents but slowly over the years we tend to sideline our happiness and our wishes and tend to do what we consider is “worth”. We rarely are ready to just gamble for our happiness. We lower our sights, as Rabindranath Tagore put it, to enter the “dreary desert sand of dead habit”.
Live for yourself, nobody is worth your tears! Live to do all those things you always wished for, live to bring a smile on others face, live to show your “Ex” you can still be happy, be happy to make those who bitch about you feel jealous, be happy just to keep your cruel boss wondering about it, just live for your happiness!
I often hear my friends saying that “My work keeps me too busy, am tired of it”, I wont deny that even I sometimes say this ;-). But have you ever questioned yourself that will you be happy if you are made to sit idle? Even I work in one such BIG organization which is famous for keeping people “on bench” and trust me I didn’t enjoy that even a tiny bit! I was always cribbing about when the hell will I get work. And then when we get lots of work we are again not happy! “Being happy” is actually a food for thought. You have to learn this art, and the sooner you do this the happier you will be!
So friends enjoy what you are doing, yearn for more, try being happy no matter what it takes. Just forget the past and keep it as a reference, don’t let it be a part of your present. :-)


Pankaj Upadhyay said...

Great to see you back and back with the bang. :) Luckily I share my cubicle with you and I know the energy you flow in the team. When you sit here, staring at the monitor screen and humming any song which you feel nice. Nice post, really motivated me a bit...Keep on writing nice thoughts like that..

venus said...

Thanks Pankaj! Even u keep writting... Love reading ur blog :-)