Monday, May 12, 2008

A year has passed by…

I completed one year in my project this month. As far as I can remember I just have good memories :-) Isn’t that great!? Work that too in a software firm where monotony is simply unavoidable I didn’t even realize where the time passed away! I am writing this specially for my wonderful team to let them know that they mean a lot!
A team where I was the only female candidate and as IT professionals are famous for being boring and nerd, yes I was a bit apprehensive and was not at all looking forward to join the team! I still have clear memories of my first day when I shared my cubicle with a colleague who had displaced beard on his chin (which later I realized was his birth mark! He he) and my PL, who was actually sweet to talk to but was wearing a sweater during the month of MAY! Now you can imagine all the reason of me being not so happy! Then there was a man with moustache who was a perfect geek but I always wondered why he was so quite, two joined with me, one just loved to study and the other was too lost to study, I assumed he already knew a lot. And then met my TL who just loved talking about Delhi! I would rather call him “Mr. Know it all”. Now I was amidst confusion - in a team of just eight, one was a formal PL, one was a proxy PL (others won’t understand this) and one was a TL! My proxy PL was too polite and I actually realized that being from Mahatma Gandhi’s place can actually bring a difference in you! He he. For a fresher like me everything seemed so very confusing and to be true boring.
But it didn’t even take one month to break the ice! I learnt technical stuff, I learnt how to write proper emails and above all I learnt to put my point across. In fact I never knew I had points to put across! ;-) Slowly each one of us became team mates to friends to very good friends. I would have not survived happily in Mumbai without my team. Never did I feel that I was the only girl in the team and that I was kept out of few discussions, don’t know whether actually I was, but I’ll prefer not to think about the “don’t know” part.
I was taken care of when I fell ill, I was given company when I felt lonely, I was given a shoulder to cry upon, I was protected when it was needed, I was taught to be technically strong, need I mention any more points to express how lucky I was?! And I swear I didn’t exaggerate even a single point :-)
Just wanted all of you to know that I had an amazing one year and have all wonderful and memorable moments spent with you all. Thanks to each of you and my good wishes will always be there for you all. And I’ll pray that as my career started with such a wonderful team and my expectations are set high now, I get to meet such nice people in my professional life always. You all are special and will always be so!


Alchemist16 said...
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Alchemist16 said...

I knew I did not read your Blog for a long long time... So this is what i was missing..... : )

Thank you for all your praises ... Yes u were not part of a very very few discussions ... but you were always there even in most of our boy talk ;)

venus said...

thank ya Mr Alchemist! :-) I'll bow down in return! hehe