Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Buhhhdddayyyy Blog!!!!!

I just realised that I have completed 1yr of blogging!!! So Happy B'day my blog.. I love you loads!!! ;) hehehe...

These are the times when you realise that how fast time can fly!!! Even for me the year went through a lot of crests and troughs but at least am happy with the discovery of a poet in me!! :D Now when I visit my blog or read my poems, I feel elated that yes I know how to express! Nothing can be more wonderful than that :)

But today I want to dedicate this post to the person who inspired me to start writing a blog. I know he will be reading this and will just pass a smile :) But I just what to say 'Thanks' for this wonderful inspiration!!!

Everything has to have a darker side, a period of pain and agony.But when you come out of it you start hating the person less and look at the brighter side :) So this small poem goes to the person who made me realise how important it is to take decisions (my 1st Blog :D) and decisions which would make you 'happy'....

You gifted me a smile, you gifted me decisions
You made me realize the meaning of happiness
You took all away, you made my days somber
But I now realize that it made me stronger

Life is not about regretting,
Life is all about moving
Life is what I am now leading!

So, just a simple ‘Thanks’, just a simple ‘Smile’
Just a simple walk down the memory line.

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Lincoln said...

that person must be elated after reading ur post...