Thursday, March 27, 2008


A simple word but of immense importance. You'll just not realize that unless you have faced a situation to "DECIDE". For me I was always a strong individual and yes very strong on decisions about myself.... unless one day I realized I was NOT! We need to do the right things at the right time or else "CONFUSION" comes into the scene. Have you ever realized how much these two words are coherent? And if you prolong both of them you'll find another new mate "TROUBLE" and its synonyms of course. And if you are thinking that this will end here, you are WRONG! Just two mates??! Nah.... How can "ANGUISH" leave you alone???... :-)

I’ll show you the other side of the story... where the right “Decision” was made at the right time. And the mate you get is “EUPHORIA”.

As they say “It’s never too late”. It’s actually NEVER. But why to miss out the days of euphoria?! You are never alone as an individual, so your decisions will also not just affect you. So, when people say you were selfish when you made that decision, they are not always wrong. How can you just rule out how the consequences of your decisions will affect the ones who care about you? Don’t you care about them? If yes then why can’t you be empathetic towards them? “Empathy” – nice word but difficult to understand unless you are in the other person’s shoes. A very special person made me realize how important this word is.

“A decision I made, a loss I faced
Why didn’t I understand, it’s his smile that I wait.
Lack of empathy, lot of muddle
Is that why I lost that cuddle?!
Things can’t change, even if I want
At least he is smiling, and that’s what I want.
Sunshine will come and give me solace
As they say “this too shall pass”. :-)


Sameer said...

Too good!!!compelled me to give a thought on it!!!

Pankaj Upadhyay said...

"Why didn’t I understand, it’s his smile that I wait"
Nice lines buddy...As i know you, I know how much devotion u've given in this. So reflecting your true feelings. Keep on writing. :)