Friday, March 28, 2008

Fell short of 24hrs…..

Don’t you sometimes feel that time is running away?! I always fall short of these 24 hours. Always wish I had a few extra hours to do “other” things. And strangely enough this list of “other things” seems never ending! I daily make a “to do” list, but even after finishing those few top priority things the list just keeps growing! I wish I had more time to write, I wish I had more time to just relax and listen to music, I wish I had time to cook, but don’t know when this “wish list” will get fulfilled.
We generally get to read about time management in various books, news articles, movies, so on and so forth, but does that actually help us in managing our time? For me the answer is a big NO! I always have numerous things on my mind and a numerous things on paper but I actually end up completing only those tasks which have a timeline associated with them. Yes here am referring to our mammoth office task. And then we end up complaining that our routine is so monotonous!
Not done, not done at all! Why can’t we just take out a few hours for our own self?! We definitely can but we tend to hold that in a lower priority and keep curbing our wish list and keep cribbing that “I am NOT happy”.

So, why not include our wish list in our priority?! If not the entire list at least we can take a few. Right?! So, just don’t bridle, give time to what makes YOU happy. Come out of that negative loop and just “BE HAPPY”, and yes you have to be a little selfish and think about your own self! :-)

Time was ticking, I was wishing
Wishing it to stop, or get my wish list short
Wanted to do so much but always thought how much
Gave transcendence to my wishes
But didn’t overpass my commitments
Feeling happy is our right,
Just don’t get it out of sight
“24Hours” will never change, but your demeanor can
So why not bring that change
And say “24 hours-here I AM”!

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Anonymous said...

Very True!!! its very inspiring and I hope that I will get hold of some time for me...and Be Happy!!