Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cloud Number 9

No no you guessed it wrong! I am not going to paste Bryan Adam’s lyrics here. :-) Just wanted you to think, have you ever experienced to be on “cloud no 9”? I definitely have!
Being in love is one such instance when you tend to feel you are on “cloud no 9”. So, for me too that was the same! You suddenly feel the entire world loves you, you feel you are the princess, you feel that nothing can be better than this! You just feel ecstatic! Everything around you seems musical and you are just “HAPPY”.

I saw into his eyes, found love and faith
Never thought about “what next”
I wanted to love and got the same
Was on “cloud 9”, and that was the best!
Couldn’t just stop smiling, couldn’t stop being happy
Couldn’t stop saying, I was just lucky!
Whether he with me, or far away
I just love this feeling and always want it to stay!
I love him for what he is; I love him for his love
I love him for showing me sunshine
And that’s what I could have asked for! :-)

1 comment:

Sameer said...

Yup!! Definitely, the feeling is awesmastic !!!!
Poem beautifully written!!Way to go..