Thursday, March 27, 2008


For me probably this is the most important aspect of well being. I just love to smile and see people around me smile. My love for this “curve” is so much that I even take out printout of nice smiley and put it up on my desk. Might sound weird but even seeing a smiley printout keeps me going. :-)
You generally smile when you are happy but I don’t think so that a smile should be restricted there. Don’t you feel good when an acquaintance just passes a smile when you pass by him/her? Yes you do!
Smile to the waiter who is serving you, smile to the liftman, smile to the security guard in your building, you won’t even realize but you actually made somebody feel good in those few seconds! In your busy and monotonous life you just tend to forget that you don’t actually need a reason to smile. Smile is actually a sunshine whose rays will definitely brighten those few seconds of somebody’s life.

“Smile without a reason, smile for other people
Smile to make yourself feel better, smile to make you go getter” :-)

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Anonymous said...

Your smile has always helped me smile in tough days..and Now I have learned to smile in any circumstances..
Thanks a lot!!! :)