Thursday, March 27, 2008

I have moved on....

How often have you heard this phrase? I bet the answer will be “many”! We hear this every time we pass through a difficult situation, and we actually “get over” it. But won’t you agree when I say that getting over is really very TOUGH!
Have we ever thought why the hell do we need to “get over”?! And why the hell such a situation came?! Dear friend you are yourself the reason why you faced such a situation! J Everything has a consequence and we don’t always think about this when we act or decide. So, if we have done that we ought to face a situation of “getting over”. But then again, we never decide and go through those days of agony, and moreover who wants to go through them!?
I too have faced such situations but I always had a very good friendship with “smile” :-)
Life just goes on for everyone and so it will go on for you too! You faced a situation of dejection because something which held importance in your life is no longer there. But, why do we forget that now something else will take that place. The position of “special” is never empty in our life. It definitely gets filled and the days between them are the days of “melancholy”. So accept that and just “MOVE ON”.

The days of somber never seemed to end,
How hard I wished - “my friend ‘smile’ come back”
I thought its all over I was loosing my strength
But then ‘smile’ came back with a bag full of his friends
Getting over seems formidable
But after getting over we say it was amenable.
So, just smile and celebrate this “euphoria”
And say those wearisome days - “see I have MOVED ON”!

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ficklemind said...

So have I .. thanks to your bag full of smiles :) .. well written !!!